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Aqua One PL Lamp 11w Marine/Sunlight

Aqua One PL Lamp 11w Marine/Sunlight

Aqua One

  • $18.95

Light Bulb PL-11W Mix Sunlight/Marine Blue

Sunlight Lamps recreate the natural light spectrum of the Sun. These Lamps emit a refreshing natural white light. Sunlight Lamps brighten the world inside aquariums and terrariums, plants thrive, fish look better where their colours appear more vivid and attractive in a natural way.

For a marine aquarium to realistically represent reef life, it is essential to provide the best conditions for corals and invertebrates to thrive. Most important in this is the survival of zooanthellae, a specific form of algae, which symbiotically assists the invertebrates to feed and remove waste matter.

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