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Blue Life Clear FX Planted 450ml

Blue Life Clear FX Planted 450ml

Blue Life

  • $49.00

How to Use Guide:

To use the product, simply place the mesh filter bag within a high flow area of your filtration system. The media is compatible within both canister filters, media reactors such as our MRC X-3 or X-5 reactor and standard sumps.

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC):

FX PLANTED contains a coal based granular activated carbon (GAC). The product offers the hardest carbon available that will still work when used in water. The high surface area and durability of our unique carbon allows PLANTED FX to last even longer and prevent deterioration over time. Unlike other carbon based filtration medias, the extremely low ash content of all FX products will not lead to hole in the head or lateral line disease within your aquarium.

Organic Scavenger Resin

Double of what made this product magical!! The scavenger resin in PLANTED FX  attracts your tanks organics, effectively controlling ammonia, nitrate and nitrite levels. The organic scavenger resin has a macro-porous design that will not clog as quickly as competing organic removers. The resin works hand-in-hand with our GAC to deliver clarity, stability and health to your aquarium water.

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